WDT Patrons

Word Dance Theater would like to thank all of our generous donors for their support.



     Danny Banner
     Cynthia Word
     Alan & Amy Meltzer
     Davida Word
     Nancy Squires


Blessed Spirits

     Blender Foundation      Ingrid Zimmer              
     Pamela Johnson



     Roshanak Ameli-Tehrrani       Conne Zimmer & Rob Hetem
     Betsy Drapela       Steele Family Foundation
     Sarah Ingersoll       Margaret Johnson & Ray Ottenberg
     Mary Norris       Gail Bingham
     Rose Solari & James Patterson



     Lori & Peter Arnet      Steele Foundation               



     Carl & Ida Anderson      Shirin & Jeffrey Goldberg
     Arnold & Steffi Banner      Tracy Gray & John Iwaniec
     Ms. Barron      Tom Kristoph
     Eric Booth      Patricia Lonergan
     Marcia Daft      Jan Perdue
     Barbara & Rick Fisher      Deborah Quirk
     Yahya Fiuzi      Debrah Shaver
     Rosa Maria Fontenez-Maquez      Patricia Smith



     Dance Box Theater      Yi-Hsin Lin
     Norine Fuller      Claire McArdle
     Don Gold      Sarah McKechnie
     Martin Goldberg      Jeanne & David Mitchell
     Sarah Howard      Scribner Creative
     Boyd Lewis  


Thank you to the following for their generous donations of goods and services to Word Dance Theater.

Vladimir Angelov
Corte Salon
Danny Banner
Margaret Johson & Ray Ottenberg
Connie Zimmer & Rob Hetem


Every effort has been made to ensure that this list is up-to-date and accurate.  We apologize if your name is omitted or misspelled.  To update your information please send an email to info@worddance.org.