Preludes: Duncan, Sand & Chopin

Preludes:  Duncan, Sand & Chopin is an innovative and historic theatrical fantasy exploring the dynamics among three boundary-breaking artists – Isadora Duncan, Frederic Chopin, and George Sand.   Follow these revolutionary artists as they aspire to find their own romantic notions of beauty and freedom, while struggling with who and where they are in time and place.

In this bold production, Chopin is at the apex of a time-traveling love triangle. Frederic Chopin composed his masterpiece, 24 Preludes, while wintering in Majorca in 1838-39 with 19th century novelist and lover George Sand — a journey that was artistically and personally complicated for both Sand and Chopin, but gave birth to these exquisite musical compositions as well as to Sand’s memoir, Winter in Majorca. Sixty years later, circa 1899, Isadora Duncan found inspiration in Chopin’s 24 Preludes and brought them to new life with her unique and powerful choreography and performed them for international audiences. 

Featuring the masterworks of  Isadora Duncan, George Sand, and Frederic Chopin, Preludes:  Duncan, Sand & Chopin is a progressive, unique and sophisticated integration of dance, live music and theater. 

Noted by The Washington Post as “the dance season’s most historically significant event”Preludes: Duncan, Sand & Chopin presents the complete collection of Isadora Duncan’s original choreography to Chopin’s 24 Preludes – a feat that no other dance company, including Isadora Duncan herself, has achieved.  Click Here to learn more about this historical achievement.

Conceived and Produced by Maria-Theresa Duncan Award recipient, Cynthia Word.
Written and directed by Helen Hayes Award Winner Mary Hall Surface.
Live Piano accompaniment by Chopin virtuoso Carlos Cesar Rodriguez.
Dance re-staging by Word Dance Theater commissioned by dance archivist Jeanne Bresciani, Director of the Isadora Duncan International Institute,as conveyed to her by Marie-Theresa Duncan.


Preludes:  Duncan, Sand & Chopin opened to a sold out world premiere November 4, 2010 at the Lansburgh Theatre, Washington, DC.


“… the piece itself takes flight, rising to a level of expression
that transcends time and space."
-William Schlitt, Theatre Coordinator, Piccolo Spoleto 2011

“The music is a perfect stage for Duncan’s dances that become a
silent song of sheer expression.  Kudos to the creators of this original and
heart-wrenching theatrical experience." 
Eliza Ingle, Charleston Today

“Themes focusing on the quest for creative expression and the seeking of
the ideal - in art or love - made the evening's robust material rich and accessible
for all.  Magnifique!  We look forward to further productions."
- Leslie Hyde, Producer of the Amalfi Coast Music& Arts Festival

“The most haunting piece of dance theater in many a season…
we were in the presence of magic."
George Jackson, Danceviewtimes

Preludes: Duncan, Sand & Chopin is likely the Dance season’s most historically significant event"
Sarah Kaufman, The Washington Post


Reviews for Preludes:  Duncan, Sand & Chopin

Comments from dance critic Dottie Hayes
Piccolo Spoleto Review by William Schlitt 2011
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9/12/10, "Word Dance Theater Performs 'Preludes:  Duncan, Sand & Chopin' at Shakespeare", Sarah Kaufman, The Washington Post


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