Revolutionary! Isadora Duncan

Freedom.  Beauty.  Death.  Revolution.


Isadora Duncan lived them and transformed them through her great art. A stunning dance/theater production of her life story told through brilliant, authentic reconstructions of her most famous dances.

“Light, skipping steps and yearning, beckoning arm gestures dominate the dance numbers, earnestly rendered by Valerie Durham, Ingrid Zimmer and company Artistic Director Cynthia Word, all clad in billowing fabrics. Thus, the relatively fraught, clenched-fist opener, “Revolutionary Etude” (set to music by Scriabin and performed on Sunday by Zimmer), stands out — seeming to embody Duncan’s iconoclasm.” — Celia Wren

Directd by Stephen Jarret.
Written by Sarah Pleydell.
Dance choreography re-staged by Jeanne Bresciani.


“Word shined in "Ave Maria," a solo set to the Schubert score.
To take such spare, minimal movement and imbue it with
emotional intensity is a major triumph."
- Sarah Halzack, The Washington Post
"Equally as innovative" as modern dance's "firebrand, Isadora Duncan"
 - Stephanie Kaye, NPR Arts Beat
“Seeing work of this caliber…is the ultimate Fringe experience. Go, dance, fly.”
Debbie Jackson, DC Theater Scene
“A production filled with bohemian ardor; militant ecstasy; fervent; lissome
and informative; earnestly rendered, embodying Duncan’s iconoclasm.”
Celia Wren, The Washington Post
“The dancers show us that Duncan dancing is an endpoint in itself; staunch
"Revolutionary Etude" with its muscular attack; churning, roiling turmoil unleashed in
"Flames of the Heart"; steadfast timelessness in "Ave Maria" poignant and profound."
Lisa Traiger, Danceview Times
“The Dances of Isadora Duncan" provided a rare treat for Washington audiences.
The works, mostly solos, were brilliantly performed by Cynthia Word, Valerie Durham and Ingrid Zimmer."
Barbara Allen, The Washington Post
“Cynthia Word used her physical attributes and artistry,
to become three beings simultaneously:  everywoman, enactor of a ritual,
and the refined Miss Ruth (as St. Denis is familiary known).
What a powerfully subtle performance!"
- George Jackson, Danceview Times


Reviews for Revolutionary! Isadora Duncan

7/21/08, "Under Reconstruction", Lisa Traiger, Danceview Times

7/08, "Revolutionary!  Isadora Duncan", Celia Wren, The Washington Post

7/11/08, "Isadora Duncan, Fringe Magnet", Lisa Traiger, The Washington Post 


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