Wild Hearts: Sappho and Isadora

A production rich in the works of Isadora Duncan, Ruth St. Denis, ancient Greek poetess Sappho and Cynthia Word, Wild Hearts:  Sappho and Isadora combines works of the early moderns with dramatic readings of the inspirational Sappho poetry, as well as an original suite of dances, entitled Suite Sappho, choreographed by Cynthia Word.  

“Word’s own Suite Sappho in which maidens loosely attired skipped, traipsed and dallied to music by Vasily Tsabropoulos and translations of Sappho poems. Vanessa Carmichael-Elder, Sophie Mitrisin and Sarah Stoodley were the maidens led by emphatic Ingrid Zimmer.” – George Jackson

Choreography by Cynthia Word.
Lighting Design by Lynn Joslin.
Costume Design by Rhonda Keys.
Restaging by Jeanne Bresciani.

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11/13/2006, "Images of Isadora", George Jackson, Danceview Time


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