A Valentine Life

11 - 24 - 2014

From President Ronald Reagan to Nancy Reagan, Valentine's Day, 1960


February 14, 1960

Darling Mommie Poo,

     Feb. 14 may be the date they observe and call Valentine's day but that is for people of only ordinary luck.

     I happen to have a "Valentine's Life" which started on March 4, 1952 and will continue as long as I have you.

     Therefore realizing the importance of this to me, will you be my Valentine from now on and for ever and ever?  You see my choice is limited, a Valentine Life or no life because I love you very much.




Photo credit:  Ronald Reagan and Nancy Davis Reagan with sons Michael and Ron Reagan, Jr., 1960. Photo from the Reagan Library.


11 - 17 - 2014

I found a glimpse of you in an old poem.
Like secrets hidden in the long shadows of evening light. 
Never spoken, 
but gently tucked inside a weathered book.
The table of contents removed, 
the index tattered and torn.
Unanswered questions hide among the verses.
Each remembrance carefully dispersed just so.
Memories on my side, too dear to be forgotten.
Tears fall deep in my bones.
Passion on your side, long since gone missing.
Blood in veins, heart pumping, 
nothing has been lost at all.
Each page I carefully flatten. 
I smooth each crease, 
I unfold each marked page, 
I erase other’s penciled notes.
For this poem belongs to Me and You.
Even the cared for pages you carelessly removed. 
The final emptying of me from your mind, your heart,
appears surprisingly effortless.
You remember next to none.
I remember all.
I am only a girl with a riddle for a heart.
And You, My Muse.
Photograph:  Isadora Duncan and husband Sergei Esenin by Everett

A Sister's Love

11 - 10 - 2014

Letter from October 14, 1918

My dearest, darling sister,

     I do not know how to express my sympathy and feeling for you dear.  The telegram was so sudden, we did not know that you were sick until to-day.  Your letter came this morning and we all feel dreadfully sorry for you.

     Darling, I do hope you are better.  Spanish Influenza is terrible.  I had it and know all the suffering.

     Dear Wilfred, we all loved him so much darling but, God knows best.  He was too good for this world and he has gone to a much better one.  Please, my sweet beautiful sister get well as quickly as you can for our little angel Marion's sake.  I am so, so glad that she is not ill and am praying that you are improving every minute.

     I would give the world if I were only there to take care of you and you know I am a marvel with the babies.  How is Mrs. and Mr. Garcia?  Trust that they are not ill too.  I'm so glad that your Aunt and cousin are with you dear.  Is Myrtle the one who wrote the letter?  

     Muriel has been very ill with influenza is better now.  We are all well in body dear but sick at heart for our darling's misfortune.

     It certainly is a terrible blow to you dear but you have a beautiful, well-trained mind dear and with God's aid can survive it.  

Trusting that this letter will find you improving, I remain your ever-loving sister,


On Your Return

11 - 03 - 2014

The folds and turns of you
Your inner canyons
And the openings to light
The welcome inhalation
That still carries your perfume
Gems earthed within you
Waiting for discovery
And blackberries

The Wind

10 - 28 - 2014

(An excerpt from a love letter)

I miss you all the time.
But I also feel like you are here because I carry you with me.
It is comforting.
It gives me courage.

I would be such a different person if you were never in my life.  A version that would pale in comparison.
You have helped me believe that I can create beautiful things and that I have beauty to share with the world.
You have always cheered for me.  
Even in silence.
And I have always felt it.

Thank you for being a constant in my life.
Thank you for reminding me I am the wind.
Thank you for believing I can do the things I am too afraid to try.

I hope you know and feel how loved you are.
I am forever in love with you and what you are capable of.
The world is more beautiful simply because you are here.

Thank you for loving me the way no one else ever has.
Thank you for loving me like a child.


Artist Credit:  "Starry Night Over the Rhone", Vincent Van Gogh, 1888. 

The Love of a Grandparent

09 - 12 - 2014

Dear Elizabeth,
     Being a Sagittarian with a lot of talk, all of my limited knowledge and wisdom has been expounded, but I would like to have you know how much I love our family.  Four grandchildren, two sons, two daughters-in-law and a wife, all of whom have brought nothing but pride and happiness.
     You, dear Elizabeth, being the first grandchild and the first girl for a couple of generations, are very special to me.  Your company brings me much happiness and your letters are a ray of sunshine in my life.  You should also know what a great grandmother you have.  Her knowledge, wisdom and patience have been a great asset in all our lives.  I know it has in mine.
     I want you to have a long, healthy, peaceful, and happy life.
All my love,
Painting:  "Man Seated by a Radiator", Norman Rockwell, 1935.